For Clinicians

We offer accurate assessments of the physical activity dimensions (type, duration, frequency, intensity) and contexts (sport or recreation, occupation, transportation, incidental) using instruments that objectively quantify activities performed in free-living conditions.

Measurements of Heart Health and Capability Using EKG

Energy expenditure (by indirect calorimetry) at rest or for any type and intensity of activity in the laboratory or the field

Bone Health and Osteoporosis Risk Assessment using DXA technology

Body Composition, Including Regional Fat and Lean Mass, Using DXA Technology

Fall Risk assessment, and Balance Testing of Visual, Somatosensory, and Vestibular Systems Independently and in Combination

100-Point Scale Functional Movement Screen

‘Precision Medicine’- grade exercise prescriptions

Lab-based strength, power, and muscle
endurance assessment (Biodex System 4 Pro);
Field measures of functional strength

Nutrition counseling
by a Registered Dietitian (RD)